Mushroom Spawn of the Dead

Alright, so “mushroom spawn of the dead” sounds like a movie about giant man-eating mushroom zombies…starring Simon Pegg.

What mushroom spawn of the dead is actually referring to is the pounds of oyster mushrooms that have recently spawned from the dead, decomposing organic matter (we use straw) in our indoor mushroom farm (in other words: we got mushrooms)!

Q: What’s the most common mushroom pick-up line?
A: Baby, I’m no Fred Flintstone, but I’m a fungi who can
make your Bedrock.

They’re delicious, they’re nutritious, they’re auspicious…and not at all fictitious! South Hill Forest products will be selling these delectable treats to the public as soon as we start getting a few more bags to fruit.

The really exciting part is that there are some wonderful restaurants in the area who want to purchase them! Some of the restaurants include: Fine Line BistroCafe DewittBandwagon Brew Pub, andFelicia’s Atomic Lounge (who just bought a couple pounds of our dried mushrooms!). So not only will you be served amazing food, but you will be supporting our local business!

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