Sappy Poem

The end of syrup season’s here,

for all, it’s a sad time of year.
We had so much fun,
but alas, sap is done,
so now the Sugarbush is clear.

We loved all of your support,
whether you bought one bottle or a quart.
And from your kind money,
we’ll make tasty shrooms and honey,
of which you can make into a nice torte?

We also thank the maple trees,
for they give us products with such ease.
And if it weren’t for their sap,
that they allowed us to tap,
we’d be poorer than a homeless dog’s fleas.

So as we continue to move on,
to bees and other mushroom spawn,
we’ll keep in our brains
the syrup and its remains,
and how we no longer have to stay up till dawn!


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