Consulting Conquest Begins!

This semester, NTFP is working with the Nature Conservancy to create an informational trail brochure for the local Eldridge Wilderness Nature Preserve. The Preserve is located just around the corner form IC on Troy Rd, and consists of 87 acres of diverse habitats. A few unique features of the Preserve include a huge hemlock stand, a gorge, and the northern-most tupelo swamp in the United States!

Over the past month, a team of 6 NTFP students have been getting to know the Preserve – venturing out on Sunday afternoons to gather information for the brochure. On our adventures, we discovered a possible abandoned Christmas tree farm (this needs investigating!) and a journal hidden in a hollow log (you’ll have to go out there and find it for yourself!)

The brochure, now nearing its final draft, will be sent out to our contact at the Nature Conservancy within the next week. Our work will be available for use by visitors of the Preserve this coming season!

For more information on the Eldridge Wilderness Preserve, or the Nature Conservancy in general, visit their website  here!

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