Measurin’ Those Brix

Measurin' Those Brix

Here’s an interesting fact for you!

You could probably guess that one of the major parts of the second phase of syrup boiling is measuring the sugar content of the syrup. But did you know that it’s measured in a unit called brix, or that it’s measured using a machine called a refractometer?

This little blue machine pictured above is one of them, and we put a few drops in there every so often as we boil in order to keep an eye on it. In order to be sold, maple syrup must have a sugar content of 66-69 brix.

The batch we just finished yesterday is at 68.1 brix, which means it’s just slightly sweeter than our last batch. If you’re on the Ithaca College campus, come buy some in the Center for Natural Sciences room 282!

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