Wax Extractors on the Loose

Keeping bees isn’t just about the honey, it’s also about the WAX!


So how do you get bees wax straight from the hive (above) into a more usable form (below)?


Meet our two new steam wax extractors! On the left is the industrial steam wax extractor and on the right is the homemade steam wax extractor.


At 21 inches wide and 25 inches high this industrial steam wax extractor can get the melting job done in a jiffy. There is a false bottom that serves as a water reservoir sending steam up a pipe into the tank where the wax is placed. Wax filters through a screen and into a bucket. One con about the industrial extractor is that you need to have a lot of wax to make running the extractor worthwhile.


Our homemade steam wax extractor is similar, but simpler, and super effective. The homemade extractor consists of an open-bottom wood box that has a hinged lid that is placed on top of a metal screen on top of the bottom piece of wood. A hose connects from a steamer into the top of the wood box. As steam is produced the wax melts and filters through the metal screen and drains into a bucket.


Both wax extractors have been tested but have not been used for large quantities of wax. Stay posted to hear how our industrial steam wax extractor verses homemade steam wax extractor competition goes!

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