Products and Prices

Welcome to South Hill Forest Products! We are Ithaca College’s student-run company producing all-natural maple syrup, honey, and edible oyster mushrooms.  Interested in purchasing any of our products?  Check out the specifics below, and contact us at for more information!

Our season has just begun, and the only product currently available is our honey, but mushroom and syrup availability is right around the corner!  Our current price list for the upcoming season is as follows:

Maple Syrup:

3.4 oz — $8.00

8.5 oz — $15.00


Our maple syrup-tapped, boiled, and bottled here on campus! 3.4 oz and 8.5 oz


1 lb — $8.00


South Hill honey: made by the bees in our very own apiary, processed and bottled by students. Each jar contains roughly 1 lb of honey.

Oyster Mushrooms:

1 lb — $8.00


Edible oyster mushrooms cultivated in our on-site “shroom room”!



Check out our amateur promo video below:

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