Consulting Conquest

Not only do we produce delicious oyster mushrooms, syrup and honey, we also offer our services for environmental consulting! In the spring of 2013, South Hill Forest Products began consulting the Nature Conservancy. Students form SHFP are in the process of creating trail brochures for the Eldridge Wilderness Preserve.

What is the Eldridge Wilderness Preserve?

The Eldridge Wilderness is a nature preserve located on South Hill that is owned by the Nature Conservancy. It contains diverse ecosystems including second growth hardwood forests and hemlock stand. There is a trail that loops through part of the 87 acre preserve. It passes a gorge and goes through beautiful pines, maples beeches and dense hemlocks. The preserve is home to a variety of plants and animals including a rare tupelo tree swamp.

Hollowed out log in the Eldridge Wilderness Preserve

Hollowed out log in the Eldridge Wilderness Preserve

Where is the Eldridge Preserve?

The Eldridge preserve is located on Troy road 800 meters off of Coddington road. There is a two-car parking and a sign indicating it is the Eldridge Wilderness Preserve.

Eldridge Wilderness Preserve (A)

What did we do for the Eldridge Wilderness Preserve?

We designed a Brochure for the preserve, describing some of its outstanding features and mapping the area out. We presented them with three options for a final design.

Front page:

Brochure Final option 1 Brochure Final option 2 Brochure Final option 3

Back page (can be matched to fit the preferred front page):

Brochure page 2 Final (reformatable)

For more information go to:

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