Now, Let’s Review

South Hill Forest Products members would tell anyone that our mushrooms are the tastiest, most palatable, scrumdiddlyumptious mushrooms around, but what do our customers have to say about them? Josh Eckenrode is the owner of Ithaca’s very own Cafe Dewitt and had some extremely kind words to share about the mushrooms he purchased from us:

“All of the chefs at Cafe Dewitt have been so thrilled by the quality and consistency of the oyster mushrooms from South Hill Forest Products. When I first opened the bag, I could not believe how beautiful the mushrooms were. Once I started cooking with them, I was even more pleased. We have been using the oyster mushrooms in omelette fillings, particularly with bacon, red onion and gryuere cheese. I have also used them in risotto with asiago cheese, and fresh herbs. The texture is so delicate and the flavor so full that I cannot wait to use them in more of our specials. Thank you South Hill Forest Products for the wonderful job you are doing; I cannot wait for the shiitakes!!!”

–Josh Eckenrode

Thank YOU, Josh…and everybody at Cafe Dewitt!

We are so glad that people are enjoying our products and we wouldn’t be in existence if it wasn’t for our beloved customers! More mushrooms are soon to come!

Double the Power!

New and exciting news! We now have 2 boiling pans which means… we can boil twice as much syrup and go 2x as fast! This means that there will be more syrup for everyone. Also, don’t forget, our syrup comes in a variety of types and sizes: Light amber and medium amber in 16oz and 8.5oz containers.

A Sweet Week Ahead

Maple syrup production is in full swing, with boils happening every weekend for the past few weeks. Which means…we have lots of delicious syrup to sell, labored over for days (not kidding) and hand-bottled and labeled with love by real IC students!

We’re happy to announce that we’re selling our syrup out of our headquarters in CNS 282, and we will also be tabling in Campus Center this week. Starting tomorrow, Tuesday March 6th, you can stop by our syrup-selling station in front of Grand Central Cafe from 9am-3pm and buy some of our delicious syrup in pretty bottles that come in two sizes. We’ll be tabling Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9-3, so come by and pick up a bottle for yourself, and another to bring home to the family for Spring Break!

Mushroom Spawn of the Dead

Alright, so “mushroom spawn of the dead” sounds like a movie about giant man-eating mushroom zombies…starring Simon Pegg.

What mushroom spawn of the dead is actually referring to is the pounds of oyster mushrooms that have recently spawned from the dead, decomposing organic matter (we use straw) in our indoor mushroom farm (in other words: we got mushrooms)!

Q: What’s the most common mushroom pick-up line?
A: Baby, I’m no Fred Flintstone, but I’m a fungi who can
make your Bedrock.

They’re delicious, they’re nutritious, they’re auspicious…and not at all fictitious! South Hill Forest products will be selling these delectable treats to the public as soon as we start getting a few more bags to fruit.

The really exciting part is that there are some wonderful restaurants in the area who want to purchase them! Some of the restaurants include: Fine Line BistroCafe DewittBandwagon Brew Pub, andFelicia’s Atomic Lounge (who just bought a couple pounds of our dried mushrooms!). So not only will you be served amazing food, but you will be supporting our local business!